Top 7 Most Popular Beach Clubs of Antalya Turkey

Besides the hot beaches, Antalya’s beach clubs are very popular and very crowded. The reason for preferring beach clubs is that it is an entertainment center in summer, it is easy to drink cold drinks and it is easy to eat food or snack foods. Antalya is also famous for its beach clubs and these places are attracted American, English, German and European tourists. The most popular and crowded beach clubs can be listed as follows;

1- BLM Beach Club Lara Antalya

The clean sea of Antalya mixes with the cold spring water which is coming from the mountains, and this situation doubles the pleasure of the BLM beach. BLM has become one of the most popular beaches in Antalya and you can spend all day without boring at the BLM beach.

Address: Eski Lara Yolu 1512. Street

Telephone: 0242 324 72 56

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2- Mai Tai Beach Club Lara Antalya

With its comfortable beds and quality service, Mai Tai is one of the best beaches in Lara Beach and it is ideal for a peaceful day. It is also a great opportunity for those wishing to join the excitement of Survivor Exhibition in the middle of the sea.

Address: Lara Beach Area No:2

Telephone: 0242 349 22 11

3- Blanche Beach Club Antalya

It is one of the platform beaches built on the cleanest sea of Antalya. There is a small bar and hamburger cuisine in the beach of Blanche.

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Address: Şirinyalı District, Muratpaşa/Antalya

Telephone: (0242) 323 89 00

4- Lara Port Beach Club Lara Antalya

The beach is right near the Lara Fish House. Both the Konyaalti shore and the Lara beach are worth seeing from the beach club. The foods of the place is very tasteful and the waiters are very helpful.

Address: Gençlik District. Tevfik Isik Streer. No:8 / Muratpaşa

Telephone: (0242) 313 14 68

5- Mermerli Beach Club Antalya

Mermerli Beach is the only sandy beach among the high cliffs on either side of the yacht harbor in the castle. The spectacular views and historical sight of the beach amaze the American tourists. When you go into Antalya city, you must surely see the Mermerli beach club.

Address: Kaleiçi

6- Four Beach Club Lara Antalya

It is a very beautiful beach club with its spacious locales, comfortable sunbeds, wide pier, swings on the coast and hammocks. There are many options and places for sunbathing. It’s no wonder you will be comfortable in the Four Beach Club.

Address: Güzeloba District, Lara Street, 07230 Lara/Muratpaşa/Antalya

Telephone: (0242) 349 71 01

7- Red&White Beach Club Antalya

When you are sunbathing in the warm sun of Antalya, you can enjoy the specially prepared cocktails and many tastes. You should definitely try salmon croquet, a little tip from us.

Address: Güzeloba District, Lara Street. No:438, 07230 Muratpaşa/Antalya

Telephone: (0242) 349 17 17