Top 5 Best Places of Fethiye and Oludeniz (Dead sea) Turkey

Fethiye is a beautiful holiday place which is located 200 kilometers west of Antalya. Fethiye hosts a large marina at the entrance of a beautiful bay which is covered by numerous of nearby small islands. The old name of the city was Telmessos.

A hill surmounted by the ruins of the crusader fortress is built by the Knights of Rhodes, it is overlooking the lovely small port. The ancient city of Telmessos welcomes the visitors with its numerous rupestrian tombs above the city. The tomb of Aminta which is dating back to the fourth century BC is the most remarkable one. So many civilizations such as Persians, Romans and etc.. lived and died in this area.

Travelers who stay within the city prefer to accommodate in Calis Beach which is four kilometers away of the center of Fethiye or in the island of Sovalye (knight) which is on the opposite side of the port.

The bay of Sariyarlar in Fethiye hosts the famous “Golden Sea Horses” in the world. Fethiye is a famous and crowded tourist city, you can easily find all your daily and summer needs. Many shopping centers, restaurants and facilities available inside the city.

Oludeniz (Dead Sea)

Oludeniz is the worlds most famous favourite of nature. It has been defined as “the gift of God to the humans”. You can reach to Oludeniz by 14 kilometers of road covered with pines of Fethiye. The area is called Belcekiz Bay.

The area have an beautiful long beach and behind this long beach there is the Dead Sea. The turquoise color of the sea is magical. The Dead Sea is very calm sea and there is no wave in the sea due to its natural shape. It’s like a place which is belong to heaven.

There are no seaweeds in this calm sea. It is possible to swim for nine months in a year on this area. There are many quality resorts, hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars. Daily boat excursions are organized from the city center to Oludeniz.

Paragliding is also very common in Oludeniz. Paragliding can be practiced from the hills of Babadag Mountain, with a height of 1975 meters. There are paragliding excursions that you can easily participate in. It’s a lot of fun with the wonderful view of Oludeniz.

Fethiye Museum

The Fethiye Museum is a place which is not to be missed. Since the region has hosted many civilizations, there are many collectibles displayed in the museum which is worth of visiting. We highly recommend to you to visit the Fethiye Museum after a short travel through the city center of Fethiye.

The beautiful and magical road to Oludeniz

The road to Belcegiz Bay takes you through the mountains, where the cozy guesthouses are adapted to those looking for the landscape of the sky. Ocakkoy is a mountain village that is a must see on your way. You can stay in one of the charming guesthouses and enjoy the various trekking opportunities. The area of Hisaronu propose great opportunities with a vast of variety and best price on hotels . Kayakoy is 4 kilometer away from Hisaronu region, this is a ghost city with a beatiful panoramic views of old and empty houses and churches,.

After a short trip, nature’s greatest magic welcomes you. Here is the famous Oludeniz (the Dead Sea), the beautiful blue lagoon, where the calm and beautiful crystal waters and the magical beach are ideal for swimming and water sports. The Blue Lagoon is one of the best places in the world,. The Belcegiz Beach region is recommended for stay. On the island of Gemiler (island of San Nicol├ís), the Byzantine remains are among the pines.

Kelebekler Vadisi (The Valley of the Butterflies)

Beyond the idyllic beach, a forest, waterfalls and a valley full of hundreds of butterfly varieties await travelers. The region is called the butterfly valley. Do not miss Thousands of butterflies will surprise you. Here is Fethiye’s most fascinating place.

The whole area is covered in butterflies and you can only realize the situation while flying. Because of its celestial nature, the region is a protected area.

To get to the Valley of the Butterflies, you must first go to Oludeniz and then you have to rent a boat or take a water taxi. You can also take part in a tour. It takes half an hour to Oludeniz by sea. On the way to the valley there is a blue cave where many visitors pass and swim. The bay here is known as the Kodurumsu bay and has a beautiful beach.

There are two roads in the valley. One leads to the village of Faralya and the other leads to the waterfalls. The village has an exceptional landscape.