Top 15 Best Village to Visit around Marmaris for Tourists

You are mistaken if you think Marmaris has just beautiful seas and beaches for foreigner tourists. The villages and the towns around Marmaris offers a magnificent view of blue and green and they are at least as beautiful as the beaches. When you visit Marmaris you should explore near villages and towns without wasting time. You can find our recommendations of 15 best village around Marmaris for to visit in our article;

1.Icmeler Town in Marmaris

The most popular location of the region is Icmeler. It is only 8 km away from Marmaris City Center. Icmeler is famous for its beaches and seaside also this charming place has accommodation facilities that fit almost every budget. We can say that tourists who are going to Marmaris needs to prefer this region to swim in the sea. This is a place where both nature and the sea is magnificent

There are many cafes, restaurants and shops along the beach in Icmeler. Water sports such as sea parachute, banana and canoe can also be done in the region.

There is a minibus service to Icmeler almost every hour of the day, regardless of day or night. Another alternative to go to Icmeler is the taxi boats which departs from Marmaris.

2.Turunc Town in Marmaris

Turunc town which has a beautiful bay, is the most popular area of the region after Icmeler. As its Turkish name mentions, this place hosts a large number of fruit and orange trees. You should add this place to your “places to see in Marmaris” list.

Turunc is one of the frequent destinations of blue tour boats and yachts. It is quite crowded especially in summer season. When you visit Turunc town, first of all you have to enjoy the magic trio of sea, sand and sun at summer months. Also you can walk between the pine forests of the region and join safari tours. You can visit the Amos Ancient City, which is a 1-hour walk away from Turunc. Another activity you can do in Turunc is diving. The region is one of the popular diving points of Turkey due to the variety of rocky areas and underwater caves. If you like to visit near bays, you can also take part in boat tours which are departing from Turunc.

Turunc is located about 20 kilometers south of Marmaris and you can reach it by minibuses departing from Marmaris City Center.

3.Kumlubuk Village in Marmaris

Kumlubuk is located 25 kilometers south of Marmaris and lies just behind Turunc town. Kumlubuk is famous for its sea, beach and fish restaurants. The view of this area is also very beautiful. After enjoying the pleasure of the sea, we recommend you to eat fish in one of these restaurants.

When you walk southeast of Kumlubuk, an interesting cave will meet you. It is said that the area where this cave is located hosts a residential area about 5000 years ago. You should visit this cave during your visit to Kumlubuk. You can also find too many trekking and hiking roads in this area.

4.Hisaronu Village in Marmaris

Hisaronu is one of the most popular places of Marmaris, it attracts attention with its crystal clear sea. We must say that Hisaronu is also an ideal place for fishing. If you wish you can sail with boats in the calm sea of Hisaronu. If you like this area, there lots of accommodation facilities on the coast for every budget.

You can reach Hisaronu on the south-west of Marmaris by following the Hisaronu sign on the 22nd kilometer of Marmaris-Datca road. You will be accompanied by Hisaronu Bay on one side and the magnificent view of the Gulf of Gokova on the other side. If you do not have a private car, you can go to Hisaronu with minibuses which are departing from Marmaris City Center.

Hisaronu is frequently preferred by tourist who like to spend a calm holiday. The sea in Hisaronu is shallow and the sand is almost tile-colored. In the summer, the breezy wind makes it a frequent place for surfers. There are clubs that offer safari and horse riding services in the region.

It is known that Hisaronu’s clean air and water is especially good for asthma and heart patients.

5.Bozburun Village in Marmaris

Situated 45 kilometers from Marmaris, Bozburun is a popular destination especially for yacht tourism. The number of hotels, pensions and restaurants is really low in Bozburun. This place is usually visited by tourists who dream of a quiet holiday.

6.Gokova Village in Marmaris

Gokova and Gokova Gulf is located 30 kilometers north of Marmaris and it offers a spectacular view with its high altitude. The Gokova Gulf with its unique bays and historical beauties is one of the most frequently visited places for boat tours also it is a well-known place for kitesurf lovers. When you go to Gokova, you can have a pleasant time by visiting Sedir Island and Cleopatra Beach. If you want to stay in the region we have to say that there are many hotel and pension options.

7.Osmaniye Village in Marmaris

Osmaniye is a mountain village and can be called as the center of pine honey. Because 95% of village residents get income from honey. A Honey House was established in this village and there is a museum about the history of honey and beekeeping. You can also purchase best honey products from here. Of course, thanks to this Honey House, Osmaniye Village has been visited by more tourists every year.

Although the history of Osmaniye Village is not very well known and it is said that Turks lived in this village during the periods before Islam and the Seljuk State. It is also known that the nomadic tribe has settled in the past years. However, these nomadic were exiled to Cyprus when they started an uprising against the state in 1928.

It is known that the old name of Osmaniye Village is Alakese which is a Greek name. However, before the War of Turkish Independence, Turks and Greeks lived together in this region, and the Turks wanted to exile the Greeks. In those years, the Greeks called the Turks “Ottomans”. After that period, the village began to be called Osmaniye.

8.Sogut Village in Marmaris

Sogut, which is the biggest village of Mugla, is located at a quite far point of Bozburun Peninsula. This situation caused to preserve natural beauty of the village up to current day. We should say that Sogut has not developed much in terms of tourism, but it still has a loyal visitor. This village, which is not too crowded in summer and winter, is the addresses of tourists who usually dream of a quiet holiday. The village of Sogut, which has a population of about 2000 people, is 2 kilometers away from Marmaris.

Although there is not much to see in terms of historical places in Sogut Village, it attracts attention with its beautiful nature also it is possible to see historical ruins in the surrounding villages. In Sogut you can visit Saranda Ancient City, Loryma Ancient City, Saranda Bay and Bozukkale Cove. The ancient city of Saranda is the oldest residential area of Sogut and it is very close to the village. It is one of the most important settlements during the Roman and Byzantine times, the ancient city of Saranda is about 45 kilometers away from Marmaris.

The ancient city of Loryma located at the southern end of the Bozburun Peninsula and it is really close to the village of Sogut. The first archaeological excavation in this ancient city was made in 1995. In this ancient city there are many remains to be seen which is related to mainly Acropolis, Necropolis and three great cisterns.

When you go to Sogut Village, you have to visit Bozukkale Bay which is one of the most beautiful bay of Marmaris. This bay is very close to the ancient city of Loryma.

The first place that comes to mind in terms of sea in Sogut Village is Saranda Bay. We especially recommend you to watch the sunset in this beautiful bay with a view of Greece Simi Island.

9.Ciftlik Village in Marmaris

After visiting Sogut Village, you can go to Ciftlik, which is one of the most beautiful coastal towns of Marmaris. You have to follow the Ciftlik sign which will come out in the first kilometer of the road going from Sogut to the direction of Bayir.

The beach of Ciftlik, which is famous for being completely covered with sand. You can make diving in the Ciftlik which is quite crowded in summer season.

10.Taslica Village in Marmaris

Taslica Village is located 5 km from Sogut Village. It is among the places you should definitely see with its historical values as well as nature view. You can go on a historic tour by visiting the Temple of Apollo in the neighborhood and the tower remains of the Hellenistic period. The area is also an ideal address for trekking tours and nature lovers.

The view of road which is going from Sogut to Taslıca Village is also worth to see. You can also see residents of the Phoenix Ancient Town which are located on the Asar Hill, 4 km away from Taslica Village.

Another place worth to see in the region is Serce Harbor. Approximately 8 kilometers away from Taslica Village, this port is a popular stop and anchor point especially for boat tours. Another feature of the harbor is that it is sheltered even in the stormiest times.

11.Bayir Village in Marmaris

Unfortunately, there is not much information about the history of the Bayir Village which is the one of favorite destinations for safari tour in recent years. When you go to Bayir Village, which is a very pretty village by nature, we recommend taking a break on one of the cafes under the 2000-year-old plane tree in the village center. We also recommend you to drink a tea and eating local dishes and taste water from the center of the village. There is a rumor that to make a tour under this tree extends your life.

Although it is claimed that this village is settled on the ancient city of Syrna and there was a temple dedicated to the health god Asklepios in here but there is no trace from these settlings in current day. The acropolis of the ancient city of Syrna is located on the Yancagiz Hill which is 2 km north-east of the village. This acropolis can be reached by following the ancient stone road in Bayir Village. You can see a part of the city walls, tombstone stones and building remains of the acropolis at the end of this walk which lasts for an average of 30 minutes.

12.Selimiye Village in Marmaris

The village of Selimiye is formerly known as Losta. It is the most suitable bay to take shelter in bad weather for boats passing by the area. In the history, pirates are discovered this feature of the bay and built three observation towers in the bay and ambushed the boats at night time in here.

The sea is very clear and beautiful in Selimiye Village, this makes the place a popular location for boat tours and yachts. Regrettably, we should say that there is no beach in the village. The nearest beach is 2 kilometers away. In general this quiet village has restaurants that serve yacht owners and tourists. We especially recommend that you to not leave here without eating fish at the restaurants. In this village there are also 3 castle ruins located at different points of Hydas Ancient City. On the southeastern hills of Selimiye Bay, the city walls belonging to the Hellenistic times are located. Other remnants of this period are the lighthouse, church and ancient theater 100 meters from the beach.

Selimiye Village is 45 minutes away from Marmaris and you can reach here with minibuses departing from Marmaris center. If you go with your own vehicle you have to get off the road of Bozburun from Hisaronu via Datca. When you go to Selimiye Village you can also participate in boat tours which are organized to the near bays and islands.

13.Turgut Village in Marmaris

The popularity of Turgut Village is increasing every day, it is one of the most peaceful addresses of Bozburun Peninsula. Although it is difficult to reach, we first recommend you to visit Turgut Castle. The castle is located on a hill 300 meters high from village. You can go half of this hill with your car, but in the other half you need to get out of your car and climb on foot. The landscape you see, when you reach castle is kind of like “it was worth the effort”.

Another place you can go in Turgut Village is Turgut Waterfall. Here you can enjoy both the spectacular scenery of nature and fish meal in near restaurants at the region. For sports activities, you can do safari and trekking.

If you are curious about history and archaeological sites, you can visit Hygassos Antique City, which is located within the borders of Turgut Village.

14.Orhaniye Village in Marmaris

About 30 kilometers south of Marmaris, Orhaniye is only 2.5 kilometers away from Turgut Village. After visiting Turgut Village, you can easily reach Orhaniye.

Orhaniye is one of the most important tourist spots of the Hisaronu Gulf. It is also a frequent destination for anchorage and yachtsmen. It is surrounded by pine forests and beaches, with a unique natural landscape. The sea in Orhaniye is quite calm and shallow.

When you go to Orhaniye, you can visit the remains of the castle, which is located in the middle of the Hisaronu Gulf and it is believed to belong to the Bybassos Kingdom. You can also take part in boat tours around the area.

15.Gokce Village in Marmaris

We should say that Gokce Village attracts attention with its own stylish houses. On the hill which is overlooking the Gokova Gulf, these houses are white, tiled roofs and 2 floors. In this village where the nomads live, a large part of the people make a living by livestock.

The sea on the Gokova coast of the Gokce Village is a frequent destination for wind surfers. In this regard, 5 villas in the village serve throughout the year. This place becomes an important tourism center for windsurfers.