Top 10 Bays in Kas Antalya for Boat Tours

Best Bays around Kas Antalya

If you visit Kas Antalya, most probably you will not want to return to your country from this fascinating place like thousands of tourists which are impressed every year by the beauty of Kas. Kas is famous with its bays, beaches and ruins of Lycian civilization. Although it is located in Mediterranean region of Turkey you will feel yourself in the Aegean side with its fresh air. Kas hosts the most beautiful bays and beaches of Turkey.

Kas has the best seas in Turkey and it is totally a distinct experience to swim in the beautiful Kas Bays. Kas sea is always crystal clear, you can see the ground of the sea everywhere but unfortunately we cannot say this sea is warm but believe us the fresh air of Kas will cool you at the hottest days of summer. This is the most important reason which makes Kas really famous for tourists which are sick of hot air at Antalya.

Kekova 2 Bay Kas Antalya

To visit a Mediterrian cost with clear water means to witness underwater treasures of the history and beautiful nature. We advise you take your sea glasses and snorkel with you when you are swimming in most beautiful bays of Kas. Every beauty has a defect the main reason of clear water is due to Kas coasts are mainly formed of rock and it is not easy to find sand beaches around Kas. If you really want to enjoy the sea in Kas you should get on a boat and go to nearest bay for deep waters.

If you are in Kas and searching for a bay, we gather Best 10 Bays of Kas for you at below, lets read and enjoy it.

1.Kekova Bay – Kas Antalya

Kekova is a rocky island located in distant seas of Kalekoy and Ucagız. Kekova has absolutely the best bays in Kas and tourists who visits Kas firstly needs to go to Kekova. Besides the beautiful bays, Kekova impressing the tourists with its natural beauties and historical places. You can only reach to Kekova Bay by the boats which are departing from Ucagiz Village.

The only underwater ancient city of Turkey is located in Kekova and this area is protected as a natural site. Kekova is pointed out as the best diving routes of Turkey. When you are in Kekova, you can enjoy sea, sun and sea than you can dive in these beautiful waters.

Kekova history dates back to 4th century B.C. and the most important historical monument is a castle which is built by Knights of Rhodes. You should first visit this castle but we need to warn you about long stairs along the Castle roads. Second place to visit after Kekova Castle is Simena Ancient city ruins. You can only reach this area by boats.

Another activity that can be done in Kekova is sea ski. If you have not done any sea ski before, Kekova may be a good place for the first experience. Sea ski is performed with a group of 15 people and you will be accompanied by a local guide in this event.

Kekova Bay Kas Antalya

2.Hidayet Bay – Kas Antalya

This bay is completely covered by olive trees and you can enjoy both the blue of Mediterrian and green together in here. If you are lucky, you can be accompanied by Caretta Caretta Sea Turtles, when you are swimming in this bay. Only way to reach here is again with boats but you should make reservation before for boats which are departing from the center of Kas. One detail you should not forget is, there is only one facility here and only a certain number of visitors are accepted. If you do not want to stay in the center of Kas, you have the opportunity to stay at Hidayet bay.

Hidayet Bay is one of the most beautiful spots of Kas and it is only 2.5 kilometers away from the center of Kas. In this fascinating turquoise color bay, a man named Hidayet once lived, after he passed away, the name of the bay was changed to Hidayet Bay.

There is no beach in Hidayet Bay due to its rocky formation. This bay is preferred by peoples who like to dive prior to swimming.

Hidayet Bay Kas Antalya

3.Simena (Kalekoy) Bay – Kas Antalya

Simena Bay is located opposite of Kekova Island and this bay is a first degree Ancient City area. This bay was one of the safest bay that protects ships from the violent waves of Mediterranean sea during the Lycian period. It is possible to observe the ruins of old roads and docks at underwater on the road between Simena and Ucagiz. You should also visit the ancient castle on the top of bay by climbing the steep stairs which will cut off your breath. The castle is converted as a museum and you can enter the museum with Antalya Museum Card free of charge.

Kalekoy Bay Kas Antalya

4.Limanagzi Bay – Kas Antalya

Limanagzi Bay was used as a natural harbor in the Lycian period and it is only 5 miles away from Kas. You can only reach here by sea way. It is one of the most important stops of the historical Lycian road. Limanagzi consists of 3 magnificent bays which are lined up side by side.

Limanagzi is famous with its beautiful sea, beach and hiking routes. When you visit this magnificent place, you can enjoy the calm sea & beach or you can rest on a hammock on the shade of the trees when you are tired of hot air. We also advise you to taste delicious fishes in the surrounding restaurants at this bay.

Limanagzi Bay Kas Antalya

5.Yaglica Bay – Kas Antalya

Yaglica is a narrow bay, about 25 meters deep and has a unique sandy underwater sand. All tones of blue is available in this crystal clear waters. This bay is perfect choice for tourists who want to dive with their sea glasses and snorkels. You may be encounter with every kind of fishes at underwater during diving but we should remind that hunting of these special species of fishes is forbidden in here. Yaglica Bay is remarkably silent and peaceful bay, you can enjoy swimming and diving as long as you want without any disturbance in this bay.

Yaglica Bay Kas Antalya

6.Fakdere Bay – Kas Antalya

Fakdere Bay is also known as Ufakdere, bay is located behind the island of Uluburun and the Coban Bay. You can find many facilities at the east side of the bay. You can reach this bay using the road through Okcuoglu Village from Kas.

Fakdere Bay Kas Antalya

7.Asar Bay (Aperlai) – Kas Antalya

Asar Bay (Aperlai) is located 20 kilometers away from Kas District, and stretch along to the west of the Sicak peninsula. You can only reach here by boat. When you come here, you can visit Aperlai ancient city in Asar Bay. You can both explore the archaeological remains of ancient city by both walking and diving. If you like to stay here, you can choose five room mountain house or tent option.

Asar Bay Kas Antalya

8.Gokkaya Bay – Kas Antalya

Gokkaya Bay is one of the most important stop of Kekova blue cruise yachts and boat trips. The bay is most commonly preferred by foreigner tourists. The bay is overcrowded in summer season due to vast number of available facilities in this bay for accommodation and entertainment. Transportation to bay can only provided by boats. Bay has 3 different entrances for boats. The most secured of these for boats is the north entrance.  There is also an old pirate cave available inside the bay, it will be pleasure to swim here and remember the old pirates.

This bay is mostly preferred by its calm sea. In the day time you can swim and explore the ancient ruins at the north of bay and enjoy the crazy nightlife at surrounding nightclubs on night time.

Gokkaya Bay Kas Antalya

9.Fırnaz Bay – Kas Antalya

Located just 4 kilometers away from Kalkan district, Fırnaz Bay is one of the ideal spot to enter the sea. This bay is located in Yesilkoy which is a frequent place for yachts and boats. The bay has a small beach and famous for its mud baths. Local and foreign tourists who arrive here do not leave the beach without enjoying mud baths. We should also mention that this bay has a turquoise color and the sea offers a fascinating view. If you come to Kalkan, you surely need to take a boat trip and visit Fırnaz Bay.

Fırnaz Bay Kas Antalya

10.Kocakari Bay – Kas Antalya

Kocakari Bay is a place where you can enjoy sea, sun and beach trio as well as with magnificent sunsets. There is a very interesting story about the name of this bay according to story an old lady living in here by her selves after she died local people’s started to call this bay as Kocakarı which mean old lady in Turkish Language. This bay is also a frequent place for yachts and boat tours.

Kocakari Bay Kas Antalya