Phaselis Beach Kemer Antalya – Tips & Advice from a Local Traveler

Phaselis Beach Kemer Antalya – Ancient City Harbors Became Today’s Beaches

We have searched the internet and found so many great articles about Phaselis Beach in English and Turkish language but actually we couldn’t find any blog which is helpful for the peoples who will visit this beach. All articles and blogs are only describing the natural beauties or the history of Phaselis Beach. Yes these are helpful information but the reason why we created this site is to advise you about the real user experience during your holiday at Turkey, this why we are calling ourselves Turkish Travel Advisor. Let’s read our article to have an idea about what will you face at Phaselis Beach at Antalya.

Phaselis Beach Shallow Sea

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Phaselis Beach Short Description

First lets read our short description for who came directly our page before reading any blog about Phaselis beach if you already have the information you can skip this part;

Phaselis Beach is located in the ancient Lycian Phaselis city. Today this area protected as a National Park and it is also an archeological site and open air museum. Phaselis Beach is situated at Tekirova which is a village of Kemer District. Phaselis beach is located 12 km from Kemer and 35 Km from Antalya city. During the visit to Phaselis city, you can enjoy beach, nature and history at the same time. The archaeological site of Phaselis dates back to the seventh century B.C. and according to historians, the main goddess of the city was Athena.

Phaselis National Park Entrance

Phaselis City has three ancient small harbors which are called as North, Center and South harbors. These harbors are using as beach today by tourists and every beach has a different pleasure to enjoy. When you enter the National park, first North beach is welcoming you. This is the beach that the ancient peoples called Great Harbor. On the other side of the North Beach there is a small bay which is called Center Beach. This beach is smaller due to two other beach and has mainly pebble in the beach. The other beach of Phaselis Ancient City is located at the bay which called South Harbor, you can reach there by walking through ruins of ancient city. This is the biggest beach of Phaselis. You can also come to Phaselis South beach with boat tours. The showers and toilets are fairly close to this beach and the beach in here is completely formed of fine sand.

The beaches of Phaselis meet the clear Mediterranean Sea among the trees which are reaching up to the sea and create a spectacular view. Visiting this ancient city, swimming in the water and laying on beaches offers a different pleasure to many people.

Real Traveler Experience about Phaselis Beach, Kemer Antalya

Yes welcome to the part which is the aim of our website, we have reviewed hundreds maybe thousands of reviews and collected in one blog for you about real traveler experiences. You should keep in mind our advices for your holiday at 2019.

Why should you come to Phaselis Beach for Swimming?

-In Phaselis beach, you will find both blue sea, green nature and historical beauty at the same time. You can both enjoy swimming in a beautiful sea and sightseeing in an ancient city.

-Phaselis Beach has a crystal clear and calm sea water also water is really warm when you compare with around beaches. Water temperature is around 23 -25 centigrade degrees at summer season.

-Sea is really shallow and it doesn’t deepens suddenly and it is generally calm and without waves. It is really rare to see waves in here. It is suitable for families with children.

-South Beach and the sand inside the sea is completely formed of fine sand. Childs will love to make sand castle at this beach. You don’t need to wear any sea shoe around South Phaselis Beach, there is nothing which can hurt under your feet.

What Should I Know Before Coming to Phaselis Beach Antalya?

-There is no sunbed or parasol which you can rent at Phaselis Beach. If you disturb from the direct sunlight you can sit under the shade of big trees which are located back side of the beach. You can also bring your own parasol and set where ever you want around the beach. If you don’t have chance to bring your own parasol you should go early times of the morning to find a place under tree shades. Especially at the summer season beach will be overcrowded and you will probably can’t find any place under these trees.

-Unlike sunbed and parasol there is toilet, shower and dressing cabins are available which you can use free of charge but these facilities are only available near Center Beach, you should walk like 10 minutes to here if you prefer to swim at North or South Phaselis beach. Unfortunately only 4 showers and 4 dressing cabins are available for thousands of peoples, keep in mind that you will wait on line at hot season.

Phaselis Beach Crowded

-If you come by your own vehicle, you can directly enter to Phaselis National Park and park you vehicle near the beaches. Car parks are free of charge you can park your car on a suitable place. If you come there by using minibuses, you should walk 10 minutes to reach the beaches. We advise you to wear your comfortable shoes if you also think to see and travel around ancient city. The paths between the ruins will not be so easy to keep going.

-We advise you take your sea glasses and snorkel with you. You can go for a small historical trip by diving at this beach. The ruins of ancient city continues at underwater, you can also see hundreds of different fish kinds under the sea.

How much will it Cost to you to Spend Your Day at Phaselis Beach Antalya?

-Entrance fee of Phaselis National Park for year 2018 is 20 Turkish Liras per person, but if you purchase Museum Card from the center of Antalya. You can get in free of charge by using your card. It is also free for the children under 18 years old.

Which Beach Should I Choose in Phaselis Ancient City?

-North beach has more pebbles than two other beach because of that it will be emptier than other beaches. If you like a calm beach without child sound you should choose North Beach.

-If South Beach have waves North Beach’s Sea will be calm but fortunately there will be no wave at Center Beach at any time.

Phaselis North Beach

-The sea at Center Beach is always calm and without wave. The families with children loves this beach and they always prefer Center Beach.

– The most beautiful feature of Center Beach is it surrounded by round shaped stones. The bay looks like a natural pool with this feature. The water temperature in the Center Beach is quite high. If you swim here between July and August, you will not feel that you are in the sea. The sea of the Center beach is formed by small pebbles and sand also there’s no algae in the sea. The sea is quite shallow and the depth is same at every point of the bay.

When You Should Go to Phaselis Beach?

-The National park is open from 08.00 o’clock from morning to 19.00 pm, you can visit Phaselis Beach between these hours. It is forbidden to stay at Phaselis Beach at Night you can try but if you caught to security guys, they will company you until the exit of the National park.

-If you go to Phaselis Beach at the hottest season of summer like June, July or August, you will not have chance to see and travel around Phaselis ancient city. It will be so hot between the ancient ruins.

Phaselis Ruins Underwater

-If you don’t want to wait on line for entering the beach at the entrance of Phaselis National Park go early hours of morning. After noon you should wait at least a half hour to enter the park. Especially on weekend days Phaselis beach will be full of people, you can imagine that in weekend there will be 3 to 5 people for a square meter of Phaselis beach. In working days Phaselis beach will be calmer and more enjoyable.

-At noon time on summer, seven or eight daily boats tours which are departing from Antalya will enter the Phaselis bay and stay average three hours in the bay. During their stay, they will increase the volume of the music, peoples on boats throw their selves in sea and the oil of the boats will be mixed to the water. As you can understand they will disturb your calm enjoy at Phaselis beach. Although if you don’t want pay entrance fee for the Phaselis Beach you can get on these boat tours and spend three hours at Phaselis Beach and continue for other bays. Nobody will take any entrance fee from you if you come here with boat.

Phaselis South Beach Boat Tours

What to Eat at Phaselis Beach

-There is only one café near the Center Phaselis Beach. You can buy food and drink form here. You should pay 6 Turkish liras for Cola, 15 Turkish Liras for hamburger, 4 Turkish Liras for small bottle of water.

– Nobody will say anything if you bring your own food here. We advise you to shop in Antalya and come here with your own foods, it can be expensive for you to eat and drink all day from this café and also you will not find so many options at this café. The barbecue is forbidden at this beach, you can be relax that you will not breathe the smoke of the local peoples.

-In beach café, alcoholic beverages are not sold but you can bring with you and drink your alcohol freely.

How to go to Phaselis Beach?

-For to reach the Phaselis Beach, you can use the sea buses which is the fastest way to get from Antalya Kaleici to Kemer. Sea buses are scheduled between Antalya Kaleici Marina and Kemer Marina at 3 times a day. You can also use minibuses to reach Kemer, which are departing from the center of Antalya city.

-When you arrive in Kemer you can get on the Tekirova – Phaselis minibuses which are departing every half an hour from Kemer Clock Tower and reach Phaselis Ancient City. After a journey of approximately 25 minutes, you can enjoy Phaselis Beach. You should pay 5 Turkish Liras for this trip with minibus.

Phaselis Beachs Shades of Trees

-If you will use the minibuses, the minibuses are dropping of the passengers in the entrance are of National park. Do not forget you will walk 10 minutes through the forest to the beaches. We advise you to not take many items with you. Walking with heavy things in hot temperature can be distressing for you.

Where to Stay near Phaselis Beach?

Phaselis Beach is located inside a National park which is protected, around this are construction strictly prohibited. You can search the Kemer Hotels for the closest accommodation options.

You can watch the below YouTube video for a closer look to Phaselis Beach.