Kaputas Beach – Best Beaches in Antalya

Kaputas Beach – A Heaven On Earth

Kaputas Beach AntalyaKaputas Beach is a 130-meter-long beach which is located amongst the high mountains that resembles a paradise in this world. This small beach looks like a tropical island which is near the edge of an ocean, you should definitely enjoy the sea and beautiful view in here before you die. At the beginning of our article, we have to mention that this beach is probably the most beautiful beach of Antalya and if you are near the Kalkan district of Kas in Antalya you shouldn’t miss this pleasure.

Kaputas Beach

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Kaputas Beach is located on an impressive bay which surrounded by steep cliffs, this place is amongst the rare natural beauties of Turkey with this feature. People who pass through this area, do not neglect to get out of their vehicles and take photographs of this beautiful nature and do selfies. Especially the reason why this beach has become so popular in recent years is related to the photos shared by people in the social media.

Kaputas Beach Antalya

Other features that make this beach so exclusive can be explained as being a canyon entrance beach, clean and turquoise color sea and to be naturally preserved. The reason why the sea color is a fascinating turquoise is because of the sea occurs by the combination of natural water resources boiling under the sea and pure natural water coming from the mountains. The beach is generally calm with its location. Sea water is generally noted for being cool.

Kaputas Beach Antalya

Kaputas Beach is frequently visited by the tourists who travels around Mediterranean region. The climate conditions on this beach are often suitable during summer times but the waters which came from valley and pass to the sea during winter months prevent settlements in this beach. Thanks to this feature, the beach preserves its natural beauty untouched. Kaputas beach is also a favorite place among cruise boat travelers.

Kaputas Beach Antalya

How is the Sea of Kaputas Beach?

Kaputas beach has a cold water because of the spring waters which are flowing under the sand and reach to sea. When you are swimming, the water temperature can be cool down to minus degrees and then can be heat up to normal temperatures due to these streams. In general, the water temperature in the morning is cold, but in the summer months the temperature of the water warm up until noon time

Kaputas Beach Antalya

After 1 or 2 meters away from the beach to the sea, the sea suddenly deepens and there are hard currents on the shore which can take you to the deep waters. Therefore, it is a beach that should not be preferred by families with children and by people who doesn’t know to swim very well.

Kaputas Beach Waves on the Sea

Also, there can be large waves that can make your swimming hard in the sea at any time of day, especially in the evening, but of course, the joy of sitting on the shore and playing with these waves is an inexplicable pleasure. If you can swim well, you can swim freely and enjoy the cold waters, or we advise you to sit on the beach and enjoy the unique view during wavy times.

Kaputas Beach Antalya

If you go to Kaputas beach in the days of flux and reflux, you will hear the announcement that entering the sea is prohibited and dangerous. The waves will cross your neck during this time, you can try to enter to sea and struggle with the waves. You will experience fear, anxiety and fun together.

Kaputas Beach Antalya

The beach of Kaputas consists of a mixture of pebbles and sand. The beach has a blue flag with its clean sea and sand. If you are going to swim in the sea you should definitely have a palette, sea glasses and a snorkel with you. Since the sea water is crystal clear, it will be a pleasure to explore the underwater world. We also recommend to you to wear your sea shoes for avoiding the stone area at the entrance of the sea.

Kaputas Beach Antalya

When to go to Kaputas Beach?

We certainly do not recommend you to go to the Kaputas Beach at August which is the hottest season of the year, especially at noon time. If you are light-skinned, you can get burn even under the parasol shadow. Since the beach is located under the mountains and the back side is covered with rocks, there are no refreshing breezes around here. You can start to sweat when you are standstill.

Kaputas Beach Morning Time

Best time of day for visiting the beach is before 10 o’clock in the morning, because as time goes by, the beach gets seriously crowded. If you go to the beach on the afternoon, the sun can be suddenly disappear through the rocks and if you had been swam you can stay wet, we recommend you to bring dry clothes next to you if you plan to go here at late times of the day.

Kaputas Beach Antalya

We recommend you the September to enjoy this beach when is not very crowded like on weekends during the summer season. On September the beach is calm and the sea temperature is great also the air temperature is around 25 and 28 degrees. In March, April and May, it is not possible to enter the sea because of the cold sea water. It is also very likely to rain in these months.

Kaputas Beach Antalya

How much is the entrance fee to Kaputas Beach?

The beach is operated by Kas Municipality and the entrance is free, but you should pay for renting sunbeds and parasol from the facilities which is established by the municipality on 2014. Two sun beds and a parasol can be rented for 25 TL from here. You can also use your own sunbeds and parasol on the beach or you can stretch out your towel and enjoy the sea, sand and sun, it is up to you. On the beach there are outfit change cabin, shower and toilet, you can use them for a small fee.

Kaputas Beach Antalya

What to drink and eat at Kaputas Beach?

There is a cafe in the beach where you can buy food and drink. Alcoholic beverage, fast-food, ice cream are sold at this café also you can find hamburgers, Turkish pancake and toast as a meal. For example, prices on 2018 for an hamburger menu is 15 TL, beer 20 TL, tea 2 TL, lemonade 5 TL, pancake 10 TL.

Kaputas Beach Antalya

Kaputas Beach Blue Cave

There are many small and big caves located in this area. The most known of these caves is the Blue cave. This cave has been discovered by Geologist Temucin Aygen In 1972. The Blue Cave, also known as Blaue Grotte. This name is given to cave because of the sunlight color which is reflected from the bottom of the sea to the cave. The cave has a length of 50 meters, a width of 40 meters and a height of 15 meters. In the past times Seals are living in this cave. You can only reach here by boat. It is possible to see the inside and around of the cave with the tour boats.

Blue Cave Kaputas Beach Antalya

Where is Kaputas Beach?

Kaputas Beach is located on the coastal road between Kas and Kalkan which is the one of the most beautiful districts of Antalya. Kas is 20 km and Kalkan is 7 km away from the beach. Although Kaputas Beach is located in Antalya, it is closer to Dalaman Airport. The distance between Kaputas beach and Dalaman Airport is 127 km and 220 km from Antalya Airport. Although the beach is not very far away from Antalya, the journey takes about 3 hours because of the narrow roads. But you can watch the beautiful sea view during your journey.

Kaputas Beach Location

How to go to Kaputas Beach?

If you arrive to Antalya, you first need to reach Kas. You can use buses from Antalya to Kas. After arriving in Kas, you need to get on the minibuses which is going to Kaputas Beach. From Dalaman you must first go to Fethiye and then to Kas. There are buses departing from Fethiye bus terminal which are passing through Kas.

Kaputas Beach Antalya Transport

It is possible to rent a car form Airport or city center and reach the beach by using the road. It can take 20 minutes from Kas, 10 minutes from Kalkan, 1 hour from Fethiye and 3 hours from Antalya. There is very limited parking space for private vehicles and most of the vehicles should be parked on the highway. If you use the road to reach beach, there are 187 wooden steps you need to step in between the beach and the road. But since the steps are wide and gradual, they are easy to climb in.

Kaputas Beach Antalya Parking Space

Another alternative to reach beach is to use the tour boats. Daily private tour boats are organizing from lots of location from Antalya and surrounding places.

Kaputas Beach Antalya Boat Tours

Where to Stay near Kaputas Beach?

Unfortunately accommodation facilities are not available around the Kaputas Beach. For the closest accommodation options you should go to Kalkan District. Also, it is forbidden to set up a tent at the beach because Kaputas beach is under protection.

Kaputas Beach Antalya

If you go to Kas or Antalya, do not go back to your country without seeing Kaputas Beach, which is famous for its sea and every colors of blue. If you make a list to yourself about things that need to be done in life, be sure to add to visit on Kaputas Beach to this list. By clicking on the link you can take a virtual tour of Kaputas Beach or you can watch the beauty of Kaputas beach at below YouTube video.

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