Top 9 Hidden Places in Marmaris to Visit For Tourists

Marmaris is one of the most popular holiday village in Turkey. It is a place which preferred by many tourists in the summer season. Marmaris is filled with many surprises that will create shock effects in your world. It has many magnificent bays, historical riches, natural beauties and night life opportunities which has been admired by millions of tours for many years. If you are saying that there is no place “which remains unexplored”, you are seriously mistaken. In this article we have collected best places that have not yet been discovered or discovered by a few percent of tourists.

Top Hidden Places in Marmaris

1 – Taslica Village

People who had visited Marmaris Taslica Village has a great admiration on this small village. This small village’s natural beauty is never touched throughout the years, and it is a part of the Bozburun Peninsula. When you come to Taslica Village, you can feel yourself that you are in Africa. The magnificent fig trees are so remarkable that nothing else comes to mind.

Marmaris Taslica Village is an old living area which is spread over a very wide area. There are historical remains in the village. You will be amazed at the fact that there are so many artifacts that can be reviewed when you see the Temple of Apollo and the Hellenistic age remains. Moreover, there is a stepped pyramid obelisk in the village.

2 – The Pyramid Cemetery in Turgut Village

This Pyramid Cemetery is the only pyramidal grave that can survive in Turkey. You can find the Pyramid Cemetery on a hill at Turgut Village which is 30 km away from Marmaris Center and you can reach with a 10 minute climb from village. The Pyramid Cemetery is built for the warrior Diagoras and his wife Aristomakha at the 2nd century B.C. It was known by the villagers for many years as a shrine and they came to pray here. In fact, they gave the name of Çağ Father to the grave.

3 – Turgut Waterfall in Turgut Village

One of the most crucial points of Marmaris is Turgut Waterfall which is located in Turgut Village. Turgut Waterfall is only a 5 minute walk away from Pyramid Cemetery. This waterfall is isolated from the crowds of Marmaris and is a place where you can feel yourself in a completely different world. Turgut Waterfall, consisting of a total of 5 waterfalls and it is one of the Marmaris’s hidden natural beauties.

Turgut Waterfall in Turgut Village

When you arrive the waterfall by using walking paths between pine, shallow and plane trees in a natural flora and fauna environment you will reach the first pool of the Waterfall. You will be amazed by the sound water which is dropping from 2 to 3 meter high water and the clarity of the pool. If you continue climb the stairs up, you will be again face the second pool. It’s a little bigger and more shadowy than the first one. In the summer months, the waterfalls are between top of the coolest places which you can rest in a calm and peaceful atmosphere. You can also find some cafes and restaurants around the waterfalls to rest and eat something.

4 – Kizilkum Bay in Marmaris

Kizilkum Cove is a paradise on earth located in the Adakoy area of Marmaris. Transportation to this bay is only available by sea and there is no connection with the mainland. Perhaps it owes its untouched nature to it. Kizilkum Bay is located opposite of Orhaniye and it is possible to reach by boat tours organized from Orhaniye.

5 – Kizkumu Beach in Orhaniye Bay

Kizkumu beach is at the top of the places which has to be seen around Marmaris. Kizkumu is 30 kilometers south-west of the Orhaniye district and 2 kilometers away from Turgut village. Orhaniye bay is famous for its unique nature formation. As you can see every color of green, with its beautiful smell of pine trees and there is always a calm sea is waiting for you.

The natural beauty that makes this beautiful place famous is the beach which stretches 600 meter long under the sea that makes you feel like walking on the sea. When you are looking around with stunned eyes, you cannot stand to enter to sea and enjoy the joy of walking in the middle of the sea. An interesting legend about the formation of the Kizkumu is told by local peoples.

According to legend, in ancient times, there is a king’s daughter who falls in love with the poor fisherman. But the king does let his daughter to marry to with this poor fisherman. The king’s daughter meets in secret with her love in every night. Someone said to king that his daughter meet with fisherman at this beach on nights and spend time until the first lights of day.

The king who heard these things get very angry. One night the king caught his daughter on the beach, and ordered his soldiers to light the fisherman. When the fisherman sees that light in his boat, he thinks that this is his love and he started to come closer to the beach. Then the girl escaped from the hands of the soldiers and began to run to save her love. But it’s impossible for her to get in the way of her lover because of water. She threw herself into the water and a miracle happened at that point, everywhere she stepped into the sea turned to sand but the soldiers who followed her were sink in to the water.

The girl ran up to the boat but when the two lovers were going to come together, an archer, aimed at the young man and shoot him. The sand that appeared in the place where the girl was stepped turned to red by the blood of fisherman. After that they disappeared and nobody see them after that.

6 – Orhaniye Bay

Orhaniye Bay

The little recognition of Orhaniye may be due to the fact that there is no land way to reach it. You can only reach Orhaniye by walking from Kizkumu. That must be the beauty of this cute place. But it is a fact that Orhaniye deserves much more than that. For example, there are very few people have knowledge about in Orhaniye there is a wonderful coastal road.

7 – Kizkalesi


No, we do not talk about Kizkalesi in Mersin. This is Kizkalesi located in Orhaniye district of Marmaris. You can say, “There was a Kizkalesi in Marmaris ?” Yes there is. At first glance, it may have not attracted much interest because it stood in the middle of the sea like a giant rock fragment. Actually, if you look carefully, even if you can go out to the island, you can see that there are fortifications on the island.

8 – Sogut Village

Sogut Village

It is not much known place because it is a little away from Marmaris Center. Sogut, a rather secluded village on the Bozburun Peninsula in the Sombeki Gulf, is the junction point of the Aegean and Mediterranean waters. For this reason, you can also find the diversity of both regions, Sogut is more preferred by those who want to listen to their minds, stay alone with nature and be isolated from the outside world.

9 – Dislice Island

Dislice Island

Dislice Island, which is located on Datca road, is also one of the places which can be reach only by sea. Dislice Island formed a volcanic outburst. If you get the opportunity to visit here, you are likely to feel yourself in one of the Thai islands. The only difference is the water of Dislice Island is blue and green in Thailand. You will understand such a magnificent beauty.

Do not end your holiday in Marmaris just by sunbathing into the sea and going to the night clubs. Visit this historic villages and enjoy living in every region of Marmaris.