Dead Sea Turkey – Guideline From a Local Advisor

Dead Sea Turkey – Best Beach in Fethiye 

Dead Sea Turkey is a world famous beach which is connected to Muğla’s Fethiye district. With its white colored beach, blue and turquoise colored waters it is ready to take the tiredness of your entire year. Dead Sea, which is an important place of world tourism is highly popular tourist destination for Turkey and World. It is 15 km away from the center of Fethiye district. It has a wonderful natural location with no like other in the World. It hosts thousands of tourists every year with its beauty.

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The first image that comes to mind when it is called Dead Sea Turkey is of course a beach with magnificent natural beauty. The lagoon of Dead Sea lies west of the beach. The lagoon, surrounded by pine trees and hills and gives a very narrow passage to the open sea. The protected area is a unique sandy beach, turquoise look color warm sea and a natural wonder. Dead Sea Turkey and the lagoon that have achieved to enter the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world many times, we guarantee you that you will fall in love with Dead Sea Turkey beach like everyone else.

It is like a calm lake as it can be understand from its name Dead Sea Turkey. In the stormiest days, there are big waves on the shores of Belcegiz but you can only find some small waves in Dead Sea Turkey. However, the Dead Sea Turkey which seems inactive, is renewing itself almost every day with three nature events which are not visible. Firstly, there is vastly of spring water existence present under the sea and it creates a current of water exit to the Mediterranean Sea. Secondly, there is a continuous circulation in and out of the open sea due to the saltiness created by these natural waters. The third reason is that the sea level increases by half a meter every two or three days with ebb and flow effect.

Dead Sea Turkey

Dead Sea Turkey is a much calmer bay compared to the other bays. It is a very pleasant place for swimming. It is an ideal for those who cannot swim. Dead Sea Turkey, which has seen the intense interest of tourists coming from almost every country in the world, has been chosen as the most beautiful beach in the world on an internet contest in Germany at 2006. Swimming in Dead Sea Turkey will make you to feel in a big aquarium.

Dead Sea Turkey_Tourist_Population

Dead Sea Legend

If you haven’t heard of Dead Sea Legend you will surely learn on your vacation of Fethiye. We will break the surprise and tell you now.

Belcekız beach name is also based on the legend. The ships that used to pass through here were anchored out of the shore and get water for drinking with the help of boats. One day, the young son of an old captain sees a beautiful girl whose name was Belcekiz, when he comes to shore to get water. He falls in love when he saw the girl in the first time but the young man has to take the water and return his ship every time. The ship goes every time after young boy took the water. Belcekız always looks for the young man who she loves at the shore. Every time the young man comes to get water to the shore, they see each other and be together in this way.

Belcekiz Beach Dead Sea Turkey Fethiye Turkey
Belcekiz Beach – Dead Sea Turkey

After a while, a storm breaks when the ship of young boy passes through the shore. The young man tells his father that there is a sheltered, pool-like bay there. The old captain knows his son love and he thinks that his son will take the risk of damage the ship for the sake of seeing the girl he loves and they started to fight. While the ship will hit to rocks, captain throws his son into the sea with a hit of shovel. Suddenly the sea turns and become like a dead pool but the boy die because of shovel hit. Belcekız, who is waiting for his love on the rocks cannot stand this pain and throw herself from the rocks and die. After that, people who knows this legend start to call Belcekiz beach where the girl died and call Dead Sea beach where is the boy died.

Dead Sea Turkey Legend
Dead Sea Turkey Beach

Where is Dead Sea Turkey and How to Go to Dead Sea Turkey?

Access to Fethiye by road is really simple. You can access Dead Sea Turkey Beach by using three roads which are connecting Antalya, Mugla and Burdur districts. It will be a comfortable and picturesque journey between pine trees. Dead Sea Turkey is also 15 km away from Fethiye and it takes approximately half an hour by car. Mugla is 130 km away and takes about 2 hours and 10 minutes with your car. Istanbul is 810 km on average. It takes about eleven hours with car.

Dead Sea Turkey Road

It is also possible to reach Dead Sea Turkey by airplane. The closest airport to the area is Dalaman Airport which is 55 km away. You should firstly go to Fethiye to reach Dead Sea Turkey. You can use Havas buses or service buses of airlines to reach to Fethiye from Dalaman Airport. Dead Sea Turkey is 15 km away from Fethiye and there is 24 hours of public transportation by using minibuses. You can use these buses by paying 5 Turkish Liras.

Dalaman Airport Transfer Service
Dalaman Airport VIP Transfer Services

Best Beaches around Dead Sea Turkey

There can’t be anybody who visited Turkey and doesn’t know the true beauty of Dead Sea Turkey. However, it is useful to remind to peoples who will meet Fethiye newly; we are sure that you will be admire the beauty of Dead Sea Turkey, one of the most beautiful beaches in Fethiye and the World. It is selected as the world’s most beautiful beach in year 2006. Dead Sea Turkey is known for its calm waters even on stormy days. Do not go back to your country without travel around the coastline of Dead Sea Turkey,

We listed all the best beaches in the Dead Sea Turkey area at below please enjoy,

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is one of the best beaches in the world that has taken its name from Dead Sea Turkey. The Blue Lagoon beach entrance is with a fee at every season, including winter. Blue lagoon looks like rese a dead sea with its stable water. It is undoubtedly the most important region of Dead Sea Turkey with its magnificent beaches and shallow water. Dead Sea Turkey is one of the most important places to visit in your Turkey holiday.

Blue Lagoon Dead Sea Turkey

This is probably the most picturesque beach in the world. Walk on the main road and you will come to a gate. The entrance of national park. The sea is very shallow and it’s perfect for the children to swim. This beach is always busy at weekends at summer season, but you can always find a nice place during the week days. There are bars and restaurants at the beach where you can have an excellent lunch and taste delicious drinks.

Belcekiz Beach

Belcekiz Beach Mugla Dead Sea Turkey

Belcekiz beach is the closest beach of Dead Sea Turkey. When you just walk down from main road of hotel area to the sea it is the 1. Beach which welcomes the tourists. Entrance of the beach is free but you have to pay for to use the sunbeds and parasols. Time to time the sea in here is a little bit wavy but its always clear. You can watch the people who uses paragliders on the sky from your sunbed, or hire canoes. Boat trips starting point is also located in this beach.

Gemiler Beach

Gemiler Beach Fethiye Turkey Dead Sea Turkey

Gemiler Beach is 10 minutes away from village of Kayakoy by car. If you will arrive to a bay after Kayakoy which is surrounded by pine forests, you can be sure that is the Gemiler Bay. The Gemiler beach located on the opposite side of San Nicolás Island. These early Christian ruins deserve a boat trip to see. The Gemiler bay is also used by local fishermen because of plenty fish population. You can buy fresh fish from them and give to nearby restaurants to cook it for you. You cannot eat any fresher fish in whole Dead Sea Turkey Area. This beach is famous in terms of water sports and you can perform Jet Ski, banana or Ringo.

Camel (Yahsi) Beach

Camel Beach (Yahsi) Dead Sea Turkey

Camel Beach is placed in front of the cold water springs and it is called Camel because of the rock formation silhouette which looks like camel at nights. You can only reach Camel beach by using boast. You can choose to visit here by regular day trip boats or by renting a private boat. The boat trips at night time stops here for barbecue parties. If you are looking for a quiet and calm beach, this place is perfect for you.

Darbogaz (Bestaslar) Beach

Darbogaz Beach Dead Sea Turkey

Darbogaz Beach is a small pebbly beach. This place is the most favorite beach amongst the local peoples of Fethiye because it is small and quiet. This beach is located on the opposite of the Gemiler beach and can be only reachable by boat. You can go to this beach by boat with a small fee from Gemiler Beach. Don’t forget to agree with boatman to pick you up later.

Mersinli Beach

Mersinli Beach Dead Sea Turkey

Mersinli Beach can be reachable by walking, it will be a long walk from the Blue Lagoon. It will be much easier to go this small beach by boat. The beach is excellent for fishing and camping activities. Because of it is not very well known, Mersinli beach will be never crowded through the summer season.

Kıdrak Beach

Kıdrak Plajı Dead Sea Turkey

You can reach Kıdrak beach easily by car. Just drive from Faralya Beach to Dead Sea Turkey, after 2 km you will see this beautiful beach. The beach has an entrance fee, but you can use sunbeds and parasols free of charge due to this entrance fee. During the weekdays the beach is almost completely empty, but it is a popular place for the locals to spend the weekends.

Faralya Beach

Faralya Beach Dead Sea Turkey

Faralya Beach is not a typical beach which used by standards, it is mainly formed by rocks not sand. The rocks are flat and you can lie down on them without hurting your back. The beach is ideal for fishing, snorkeling or diving. You can have hard times to find the location of this place. Better to be not go here without a local tourist guide. You can ask someone from Faralya town to guide you to this extraordinary beach.

Kabak Beach

Dead Sea Turkey Kabak Beach

If you continue to drive 10 kilometers after Faralya Beach, you will come to Kabak Beach. You can also use the minibuses from Dead Sea Turkey to get here. Minibus fee will be something like 4 Turkish liras. This is a popular beach for hipsters and crazy travelers from all over the world. If you choose to stay on this beach at night, there are several suitable camps areas at the beach. You can just relax and watch the stars from the beach with a beautiful guitar music. Its easy come Kabak Beach by road, but it’s harder with the boat because there are shallow rock areas under the sea which can be dangerous for a novice sailor.

Paradise Beach – Dead Sea Turkey

Cennet Beach Dead Sea Turkey

The Paradise Beach, you can understand what it is like from its name. This is our favorite beach of all Dead Sea Turkey Beaches, it is very quiet and relaxing. This is the farthest beach to Dead Sea Turkey, it can take to reach by boat about an hour. Paradise Beach is perfect for diving and snorkeling because of the bay includes varies type of fishes. It is surrounded by pine forests and there is plenty of wood available if you decide to camp here and have a fire on the beach.

Where To Stay in Dead Sea Turkey?

Accommodation fees in Dead Sea Turkey are the kind of overpriced due to lack of sufficient hotels. The main reason of this, Dead Sea Turkey is a protected natural area by laws. Also there are some economic accommodation choices like small hotels and tree houses called bungalows in Dead Sea Turkey. However there are not many options for camp sites and it is forbidden by government to set up a tent on the beach. You can try your luck to set at tent around trees at night times but you should be careful not to caught beach police. You can get a penalty for that action.

You can find our hotel recommendations around Dead Sea Turkey at below,

Paradise Garden Hotel – Dead Sea Turkey

Paradise Garden Hotel Dead Sea Turkey

It is a point of intersection of nature and landscape. Paradise Garden Hotel, located on the right hill from the sea side on Dead Sea Turkey Road. Hotel has a magnificent and unique nature with the view of Toros Mountains and Mediterranean blue waters

Turan Hill Lounge – Dead Sea Turkey

Turan Hill Lounge Dead Sea Turkey

Hotel located on the ancient road of Lycia, the resort is just a 5 minute walk to the seaside. It is surrounded by green nature. This hotel has an outdoor swimming pool which you can enjoy if you bored from sea and sand.

Beyaz Yunus Hotel – Dead Sea Turkey

Beyaz Yunus Hotel Dead Sea Turkey

The White Dolphin Hotel is a 7-room hotel on the sea shore at Fethiye. It is attracting attention with its magnificent view. The hotel has the characteristic of being one of the few locations where you can benefit from all the blessings of nature. The White Dolphin Hotel is highly favored by its cuisine. This resort, which is especially famous for its lobsters, also has a terrace for every room in the hotel.

The hotels located in ODead Sea Turkey usually serve half board and you can eat your lunch at beautiful restaurants around the beach.


Best Things To Do in Dead Sea Turkey  Summary

The most popular activity amongst the things to do in Dead Sea Turkey is of course the paragliding. It is starting from the peak Point of Babadag Mountain and lasts approximately half an hour. The price for paragliding tour varies between 250 and 300 Turkish Liras according to the company. Also there is an option to take your photo or video during the flight but which has an extra fee. You can get these records from starting 100 Turkish Liras. Other best exciting activates around Dead Sea Turkey can be listed as Jeep safari, diving tours, rafting tours, Atv safari tour or canoe tours.

Paragiliding in Babadag Mountain Dead Sea Turkey

Near Babadag Mountain you can also do activities such as a beautiful nature walks and camping. Saklıkent Canyon, Patara Antique City, Tlos Antique City, and Kabak Valley are also among the places you can visit near Babadag Mountain.

Babadag Mountain Fethiye Dead Sea Turkey

We recommend you to visit the places around Dead Sea Turkey like you can go as far as Kabak Bay with the minibuses departing from Dead Sea Turkey. You can also take part in daily boat trips from the beach and explore other beauties around Dead Sea Turkey. Maybe you can prefer a mini blue cruise where you can witness how the vast blue of the Mediterranean is transformed into the green of the Toros on the coastline.

Boat Tour Dead Sea Turkey

Another wonderful natural attraction that we recommend you to visit is Kıdrak Bay. It is situated 4 km away from Belcekiz, Kıdrak bay is an ideal place for a small picnic with its frequent pine trees and clear beaches. Another important place on your road is the Butterfly Valley. It is a bit difficult to get into the valley due to vast amount of butterflies seen here in July and August. However, boat trips are regularly organized from Dead Sea Turkey to Butterfly Valley. Daily boat trips starting at Belcekiz Beach from 11.00 am almost every day. Other than the Butterfly Valley you can visit Nicholas Island and other surrounding small settlements with Daily boat tours.

Dead Sea Turkey

Also do not forget to explore the Butterfly Valley, the Blue Cave and the Aquarium Cove while participating in boat tours.

You can witness, the water temperature do not fall below on 19 ° in winter and the temperature of the region is around 12 ° C at night and daytime In Dead Sea Lagoon. Maybe next time you will prefer to spend your winter holiday at Dead Sea Turkey.

So let’s review the most important question for some of our readers. What is the prices in Dead Sea Turkey are they extremely high or reasonable for a beautiful place like this?

What is the Entrance Fee of Dead Sea Turkey Natural Park ?

Do I have to pay for swimming in Dead Sea Turkey ? It is not in Belcekız Beach, but if you want to enter the Kumburnu side, you need to pay a fee because you will enter the national park boundaries of Dead Sea Turkey. The entrance price of Dead Sea Turkey Natural Park is 7 Turkish Liras for the year of 2019. Pedestrian can enter the park from the left side of the entrance gate. Entrance fee for vehicles is 25 Turkish Liras which is independent from the number of people in the vehicle.

Dead Sea Turkey Natural Park Entrance

It would not be wrong to say that the tourism sector is exploded in this year, but Fethiye Dead Sea Turkey is one of the least affected regions in terms of prices. The entry prices of Dead Sea Turkey has been changed in 2019 it continue with the same prices of 2017.

What is The Price for Sunbed and Parasol in Dead Sea Turkey?

Dead Sea Turkey is not a cheap place as you can understand from our blog, it is overcrowded during summer season. Actually fees are a bit expensive, the price that you will pay for a family of two people is 30 Turkish Liras. If you go with vehicle, you will pay 55 Turkish Liras. Price for one sun beds 10 TL and for one parasol 10 TL.

Dead Sea Turkey

What are the prices for food and drink at Dead Sea Turkey?

Dead Sea Turkey cafeteria food and beverage prices 2019

Of course, you cannot expect food and beverage prices to be low in an environment where other prices are high. If we need to give details about beverage prices, we can say a small bottle of water starts from 2,5 TL, big bottle of water 5 TL, cup of tea 5 TL. From the foods, chicken sandwich 12 TL, chicken plate 15 TL, meat 15 TL.

Dead Sea Turkey Restaurant Roka

Although it is not a very cheap place, I can strongly recommend that you experience such a beauty at least one day. Everyone should visit this place one day. I hope this article help you during your holiday at Dead Sea Turkey. Happy holidays from a Local Travel Advisor.