Can You Swim In the Black Sea Turkey ?

The Black Sea side is one of best holiday region in Turkey. This beautiful place welcomes many visitors with Black Sea tours. It is also glamour’s the visitors with its beautiful beaches. Although the Black Sea beaches are not as crowded as the Aegean and the Mediterranean ones, they are in a position to meet the needs of the people and tourists of the region. There are more than 1000 km of coastline from the west to the east. The Black Sea beaches, which allows colorful activities from underwater diving to boat tours are waiting for those who want to enjoy the freedom in the cold Black Sea waters.

In the Black Sea, from Düzce to Hopa there are dozens of cities which have beaches. Although these beaches are not in the style of fancy beach clubs but there are many beaches which are famous for its rocks or sand. Especially there are many beaches in Samsun.

Sinop is the city that is shown as Antalya of the region. The coastal part of the area does not look like the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts but sandy beach is wide and thin among other beaches of the Black Sea. The climate is also suitable to swim. In the Eastern Black Sea region, the very short summer season time is prevented the improvement of beach culture. Especially in this area because of geographical structure wide beaches are common.

The Black Sea beaches are attracting the local people and tourists especially in the summer months. It is a pleasure to swim against this unique view. If you are wondering what is going on in the Black Sea, you can continue to read our page. We have compiled the most beautiful beaches of this paradise geography for you.

Beaches in the Black Sea

The beaches to be swim in the Black Sea are many, but the number of non-dangerous ones is less. The wavy and stony sea of the region can be a training ground for professional swimmers. If think to swim in Black sea, here are the beaches in the Black Sea:

Düzce : Akçakoca Beach, Çuhallı Beachı

Zonguldak : Ereğli, Kilimli, Değirmenağzı and Ilıksu Beaches

Bartın : Kurucaşile, Hatipler and Kızılkum Beaches

Kastamonu : Cide, Abana, , İnebolu, Özlüce Beaches

Sinop : Ayancık, Yakakent Beaches,

Samsun : 19 Mayıs, Yakakent, Terme Beaches

Ordu : Ünye, Gülyalı Beaches

Giresun : Piraziz, Eynesil, Tirebolu Beaches

Trabzon : Vakfıkebir, Yıldızlı, Araklı, Kalecik Beaches

Rize : Çayeli, İyidere, Fındıklı, Ardeşen Beaches

Artvin : Hopa, Kemalpaşa Beaches

Amasra: Kapısuyu, Amasra Beachı, İnkumu Beaches

Sakarya: Karasu and Caferiye Beaches

As we have mentioned, the Black Sea has an advantage due to the length of the coastline in terms of the beach. The Black Sea beaches are well known for being clean and wavy. For this reason, not everyone can resist the waves of the Black Sea. Let’s come tour topic question, can you swim in the black sea. Black Sea beaches are not suitable for swimmers of all ages. You should consider the suggestions of our guide.

What should you pay attention to while swimming in the Black Sea?

Of course you will want to throw yourself into the cold waters when you come to this region with the Black Sea tour. But there are certain issues that you need to be aware of when stepping into the rather deep and wavy Black Sea waters. If you dont want to turn your holiday into a nightmare, take advantage of our suggestions.

If you will swim in the beaches of the Black Sea;

-If northeaster wind is blowing you should not go into the sea.

-Do not swim if you don’t know swimming very well.

-Prefer to swim with experienced swimmers on this seas,

-Do boat trips in the summer months.

-Do not go into the sea when it rains.

-Use palettes and glasses.

-The famous “flowing currents” of the Black Sea are seen in windy, stormy and fluctuating weathers. Because of that do not try to swim while the weather is bad.

-Make sure your children do not swim farther.

-Hang your whistle to your neck with a tight grip.

-Do not struggle if you get caught in the flow. Panic and fear cause you to waste your strength.

After you get your cautions with Turkey’s wildest waters you may enter the Black Sea, you will have a different experience. With the Black Sea tours you will be able to see almost all the coastline. Do not forget to take plenty of photos. The Black Sea beaches are waiting for you.