BLM Beach Club Antalya – Best Beach Clubs of Antalya

BLM Beach Club Antalya is maybe one of the biggest and best beach club of Antalya. It is an interesting place with a sea view and man-made deck. The place is actually located near a high cliff and you should go down with an elevator to reach the wooden platform. The only place where you can sit and go into the sea is this platform. There is no sand or any beach nearside, it is totally man made but quite nice. The place also have a floating sea castle where is for entertainment and relaxing during swimming.

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BLM Beach Club – Best Beach Clubs of Antalya

The entrance fee for the beach club is 35 Turkish Liras (2019 Summer) for an adult but the beach is belonging to Bilem High Class hotel, if you are staying at the hotel you should not pay fee for entrance. The most advantage of this place that it is located inside the Antalya city center and it is easy to reach to beach club from city center.

If you like a quiet and calm atmosphere just come here on weekdays because weekends will be so crowded but if you want to have great fun you should visit on weekends and attend to crazy beach parties and listen loud Turkish music.

BLM Beach Club – Best Beach Clubs of Antalya

The sea is crystal clear and wonderful but not for small children and who doesn’t know swim very well because of the deep sea. Because of cold spring water comes out from under the sea it is a great pleasure to swim here in hot summer days.

The Pros of BLM Beach Club Antalya

  • Prices are really acceptable. You can buy a small bottle of water for 3 Turkish Liras.
  • The place doesn’t take wind so the sun will make you than quicker than the other places
  • The best beach weekend parties are placing with really good quality staff
  • Service staff and kitchen is at super quality of wonderful drinks and foods.
  • It is a suitable beach for also families with children. Children can play at sand and you can watch them from your sunbeds. You dont need to worry about your child.

The Cons of BLM Beach Club Antalya

  • The sea is wonderful but not for families with small children.
  • Volume of the music is too loud at weekends; you can hardly talk to the person next to you.
  • No hot tea or hot coffee served in beach club.
  • There are negative comments on 2019 summer about, beach is very crowded and lack of fast and quality service. You should wait some time to take some food and drink.

Tips for BLM Beach Club Antalya

  • Bring your own towels, if you use beach club towel it will be cost extra.
  • If you sit side of the beaches, you will not effect from loud music and spend a peaciful and quit day.
  • If you like hookah, you can try their beautiful hookah selection in this beach club.
  • There is also dive center inside the beach club.

BLM Beach Club – Best Beach Clubs of Antalya

Address: Eski Lara Yolu 1512. Street

Telephone: 0242 324 72 56

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