What is the Best Time to Travel Cappadocia Turkey

For us, there is no such thing as best time to travel to Cappadocia. Because it is a literal place that offers you different beauties at every season. You can decide to visit Cappadocia according to your personal choice. Your choice will be depend on your interests more than seasons.

Winter in Cappadocia

For Turkey climate, it can be said that ‘’summers are hot and dry, winters are cold and rainy’’. Yes that exact sentence is also true for Cappadocia. As a matter of fact, you may encounter with some problems such as snow, wind and rain in the winter. You may be feel freezing in the open air and wind can be a big problem for you. If you intend to ride a balloon, it may be a troubled and unlikely situation due to weather conditions in winter. Especially on windy and rainy days you do not have the chance to get to the balloon. But despite of the real fact you can enjoy the most breathtaking view of fairy chimneys and great mountains under snow.

Summer in Cappadocia:

If you remember our sentence about the climate of Turkey, it is also true for Summer time in Cappadocia, the summers are really hot and dry. So, especially if you like to go in July or August period, you may come across with some scenes like old cowboy films. Actually summer in Cappadocia is a tougher process than winter. It may be a good idea to skip the summer period, if we consider that you will have to spend plenty of time in the sun especially in open areas. But I am sure of that there will be a lot of Japanese and American tourist in summer time around fair chimneys and balloons. But you should also consider that, summer nights have a tremendous air for walking and sightseeing also you have an option to ride a balloon at night time and see the perfect view of Cappadocia nights.

Spring in Cappadocia:

If you skip cold winter with snow and extreme hot temperatures in summer then the ideal time to travel to Cappadocia is definitely spring. Especially when you go in April & May or September & October. It will be so much easier to travel around Cappadocia also the possibility of riding balloon will be much higher. Of course you can come to the rainy weather but that part is a bit of a chance. But you should keep in mind that hotel and flight prices will be really high in spring time. You should make an early reservation for room availability and cheaper prices.

As we already said at the beginning of our blog, every season is great in Cappadocia, you just need to set your travel plan according to your pleasure.