Top 5 Things To Do at Lara Antalya

The most popular route of summer holidays is Antalya, which is known as the tourism paradise of Turkey. Lara is one of the most preferred places in Antalya. Natural beauties and history present at every corner of Antalya. Antalya is a Mediterranean city and every point of the city is suitable for summer holidays. But Lara is much more popular than other parts of Antalya, the most important reason for that Lara Antalya has Turkey’s longest and beautiful beaches. Lara Antalya also offers many things to do for those who want to spend their holiday in this popular holiday resort. If you are planning to spend your holiday in Lara Antalya and wonder what will happen in Lara, we will try to find answers to this question in our post.

Where To Go in Lara Antalya?

Lara name means water fairy in ancient times. Before anything else Lara Antalya promises to live a holiday experience which is filled with sea, sand and sun. This magnificent geography, which is sunny and warm for most of the year, is a unique holiday destination, filled with history and natural beauties. Of course there is not only one answer to where to go in Lara Antalya question because there is a lot of treasure hidden in this beautiful resort. Here are a few of the natural and historical beauties you should definitely see when you are in Lara Antalya.

Ancient City of Perge, Antalya Castle Area, Düden Waterfall

The list may seem like short, but you have to spend at least few hours to visit these three points. Perge Antique City, which is especially regarded as one of the most important historical values ​​of our Turkey, cannot finish on few hours and you should definitely visit and appreciate this magnificent historical place.

Where To Stay in Lara Antalya?

Of course Lara Antalya is one of the fastest growing resorts in Turkey and there has a lot of accommodation options. There must be a place to choose for every budget and every accommodation you need. You should not forget that Lara Antalya is crowded throughout almost all of the year, you have to decide and reserve before going out, especially if you will stay summer season you should make your reservation months ago, otherwise, if you arrive without booking, you are unlikely to find a place to stay.

What to Eat in Lara Antalya ?

Lara Antalya welcomes thousands of local and foreign tourists each year and you can expect that there will be lot of delightful food preferences. There are local restaurants and of course examples of world cuisine. However, our first preference is local tastes and of course, it is better to prefer fish. Lara Antalya is a Mediterranean paradise and therefore there is full of excellent fish alternatives. Here are a few local answers to the question of what to eat in Lara Antalya;

Shish kebab, Olive oil dish, Herb roast, Fig dessert, Grilled salmon and etc…

Which Beach To Swim in Lara Antalya ?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, Lara Antalya has the longest coastline of Turkey. Actually the most famous beach in the province is Lara Antalya beach with the same name. But the only beach in Lara Antalya is not the beach of Lara. Here are some of Lara Antalya beaches.

Golden Sand Beach (Lara beach), Mai Tai Beach Club, Seven Beach Club, Zuga Beach

Some of these beaches serve as beach clubs as you can understand from their names. So you can chose up to your preference to have fun, enjoy the sea, sand and sun at the same time. We recommend you to make a list of places to visit.

Night Life in Lara Antalya

Lara Antalya is one of the first choices of locals and strangers but especially young people prefers Lara Antalya because the nightlife in the region is quite fast. Lara Antalya nightlife is known for its crazy fun. Here are a few places where you can enjoy Antalya nights during your Lara vacation.

Jolly Joker Pub, Inferno Bar, Zodiac Bar, Havana Club, Kalina Bar, Neptuno Bar

Of course these are just a few of the Lara Antalya night locations. As you wander through the district, you will find many other entertainment places.

As you can see, Lara Antalya is a vacation paradise full of excellent alternatives that will allow you to appreciate every moment of your vacation. Moreover, in our writing, we can place only a part of the places you can visit and taste the things you can.

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