Popular Nightclubs Marmaris (Best Nightlife Marmaris)

With beautiful bays and pine trees across the mountains, this lovely coast town welcomes tourist with its crazy and wild nightlife. Marmaris is one of the best holiday place with its nightlife around the world. The Best Nightlife Marmaris entertainment continues until first lights of morning. Lots of tourist came to this place just for its worldwide famous Best Nightlife Marmaris.

Marmaris, which has the most active nightlife of the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, invites tourists with unlimited entertainments opportunities, sea, sand and sun trinity through the day and wild Street parties through the night. You can run from the job stress and daily rush in your country and came here to forget all your problems with crazy parties.

Best Nightlife Marmaris

Marmaris nightlife is really fantastic, you can be sure that we are not exaggerating. There are many first class clubs, live music and karaoke bars available through the streets of Marmaris. You can find all kinds of music for your tastes during your holidays in Marmaris. Night time leisure is varying, from small restaurants to pubs, bars and massive nightclubs. Also you can just sit on a romantic place and listen the beautiful and calm guitar melodies

Crazy nights of Marmaris are centered on the Marmaris Bar Street, which is placed next to the Marmaris Yacht Harbor and 500 meters walking distance away from city center within walking distance. The entertainment continues until 5 a.m. in the morning at Bar Street. There are also many restaurant bars and cafes near the seaside. The area attracts thousands of party lover tourists every year due to Best Nightlife Marmaris.

Best Nightlife Marmaris

The second best place for night-time activities in Marmaris is the Uzunyali region (Long Beach) and which is 5 minute walking distance from the center of. There are numerous restaurants, pubs, karaoke, dance bars and night clubs to choose from. The music stops at 24:00 here due to noise penalty.

Best Nightlife Marmaris

Marmaris is an excellent place for American and European tourist who like to have fun not only in day also night time. It can be a hard decision for you to choose best place due to your music preference. We hope you will have wonderful night part with reading our article carefully. Here our guide of Best Marmaris Nightlife places;

Club Areena – Best Nightlife Marmaris

Club Areena - Best Nightlife Marmaris

Club Areena is one of the Marmaris’s most popular entertainment venue. With the performances of DJs and laser shows, the entertainment at Club Areena continues uninterrupted until 4 am. The customer portfolio of the venue is mostly Russian.

This place is the most popular club in Marmaris and normally you should wait 15 to 20 minutes in line to enter the club. If you don’t like to wait we are suggesting you to go early like 10 p.m at night.

Famous Turkish pop stars are giving concert at this place regularly and it will be a good opportunity for you if you like to listen Turkish Modern songs. We need point out that the prices in the club for drinks are a little bit overpriced, normal drinks are starting from 50 Turkish Liras. You can review Club Arena website for further information.

Adress: Tepe District Barlar Street No:125 Marmaris

Crazy Daisy – Best Nightlife Marmaris 

Crazy Daisy - Best Nightlife Marmaris 

Another place in Marmaris Barlar Street is Crazy Daisy. Crazy Daisy is the place where the Best Nightlife Marmaris enthusiasts call it the best disco in Marmaris. It is a place where you can dance to the first lights of the morning with popular music examples of popular culture. Place pushes the boundaries of the fun with the bubble parties.

Entrance to place is free and there is not a bad behavior at waiters like to push you for more drink. Drink prices are also high in this place but you can enjoy the best dance shows with the highest decibel DJ music until morning with one drink. You can look Crazy Daisy website for further information.

Adress: Tepe District 32 Street. No:21, Marmaris

Joy Club – Best Nightlife Marmaris

Joy Club - Best Nightlife Marmaris

This is the second best place to have fun after Club Arena. If you find Club arena too crowded you can try your chance at Joy Club. Mostly tourist are preferring this place due its open terrace. From the open air at club you can dance under a beautiful moon view.

Entrance fee is something like 40 Turkish liras and you can take one free drink with your entrance ticket. Prices are reasonable and you can be in a more comfortable atmosphere than Club Arenaa.

Adress: Tepe District 35 Street. No:15, Marmaris.

Bono Good Times – Best Nightlife Marmaris

Bono Good Times - Best Nightlife Marmaris

Bono Beach is located in the center of Marmaris, it is a beach club for daytime. You can enjoy to swim in the seas and taste delicious food at restaurant side in the evening. Bono Beach is especially preferred for a quiet evenings, you can taste your drink and have a pleasant conversation with your friends. Bono Good Times Beach is open every day from 8 am to 2 pm also this place is open on winter season. You can review Bono Good Times Beach website for detailed information.

Adress: Çıldır District. 207 Street No:4/C, Marmaris

Arjantin Cafe Bistro – Best Nightlife Marmaris

Arjantin Cafe Bistro - Best Nightlife Marmaris

Argentina Cafe Bistro has an unique view of Marmaris Yacht Harbor, it is the address of those who want to have a pleasant and relaxing evening with its calm atmosphere. You can easily chat with soft music and taste delicious cocktails.

Adress: Tepe District. Barbaros Street, No:201, Marmaris, Muğla

Budha Bar – Best Nightlife Marmaris

Budha Bar - Best Nightlife Marmaris

Located in the center of Marmaris, Budha Bar is one of the unique addresses of alternative music lovers. Place hosts famous artists who perform periodically. The Budha Bar welcomes its guests between 2 p.m. to 03 a.m in the morning.

Adres: Tepe Mah.39 Sk. 48700, Çamdibi, Marmaris, Muğla. Tel: +90 (252) 412 82 02

Greenhouse Club -Best Nightlife Marmaris

Greenhouse Club -Best Nightlife Marmaris

Greenhouse, which is one of the oldest bars in Marmaris, has a concept where the night starts with R&B music and according to the guest it is followed house and tech music after 24.00. This dance club is a popular venue for DJ performances, quality music and light shows. It is open until 03.00 in the morning at summer. You can search Greenhouse Bar website for detailed place information.

Adress: Tepe District 39 Street Marmaris

La Rocca – Best Nightlife Marmaris

La Rocca - Best Nightlife Marmaris

La Rocca is one of the best entertainment venues in Marmaris with private parties. The entertainment starts in a calm atmosphere and increase with live music. La Rocca customers are made up of generally from English tourists. It is famous for its terrace and live music nights. The venue is open every day between 10.00-03.30. It is top place for Best Nightlife Marmaris.

Adress: Tepe District. 39. Street Marmaris

Apple Bar – Best Nightlife Marmaris

Apple Bar - Best Nightlife Marmaris

Apple Bar is mainly preferred by English tourists, it  is located in Marmaris Armutalan. Between the hours 07:00 am to 4:00 am in the morning the place is open. At the morning breakfast and food alternatives are serving with soft alcoholic drinks. Apple Bar,is place to peoples which looking for the second party after exhausted Bar street.

Adress: Armutalan District, Marmaris,

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