Best New Summer Holiday Attractions To Do in Antalya Turkey

People’s expectations from summer holiday is changing, if we speak more generally their expectation from holiday is surely changing, yes the triple activity of sea, sun and sand is still valid but nowadays there are more attractions which people like to do during their holiday time. If we list the modern attractions, old fashion animations at hotel or to play classic games is not any more on the list. In modern style of holiday people want to escape from the tiring atmosphere of city and like to return to nature and perform an detox to their minds. In the latest years a lot of peoples are not preferring the crowded holidays place, they are also giving up from sea concept to avoid people crowdedness. If we also add winter holidays into this situation we can notice the variety of attraction concept is so various. But there is a city which fulfills all of these new different modern holiday concept in one place, yes this city is Antalya Turkey. Antalya is place which is not popular only with its beautiful sea and sun, it is also hold an important tourism value with its wide range culture and facilities. Here we have gathered the different new attractions which can you do in Antalya at this article.


Best Natural Trekking Routes in Antalya

Antalya is a real heaven for the lovers of Natural trekking. Almost in every corner of Antalya, you can find one or more beauty of history and nature, even the organizers who are aware of this situation are already prepared lots of different routes for trekking. You can make trek on the mostly know Likya road, Kemer paths or Anciet Karya road which are located on the coastline of Antalya but also you have lots of different options on every district of Antalya. If you don’t like attend to trekking groups and if you like to walk in calm atmosphere just raise your head and look around we are sure that you will find a suitable road for trekking.


Best Fun Water Games in Antalya

You surely understand what is our new topic is related, yes because of these games are playing in water, our topic is the sea. However peoples who are playing these games are calling it water sport but we like to call it water games because actually there is not so much sport in this. The best known among these games is personal water craft (PWC) with its best known name “jest ski” in Turkey. Also there are more exciting attractions like banana boat which is performing by towing the banana which is full people on the top and pull it with to a speedy motor boat. In every summer these games are renew itself with technological advances. In the year of 2018 you can come across with crazy devices like which you can fly with it over the sea. It is worth to try at least for one time but the safey should be your first priority.


Best Whitewater Rafting and Kayaking & Canoeing in Antalya

Here is an activity which is suitable for adventure lovers. Of course rafting and canoeing is different things but they are both performing on the river because of that we merged them under one heading. Many best routes for rafting is staying inside the borders of Antalya. There is no doubt that Koprulu Canyon is on the first row of best rafting places in Antalya. If you like to raft in Koprulu Canyon there are numerous of places which you can organize your daily trip to Canyon. Other rafting spots are Uçansu Waterfalls and Alara River. If you want to make a canoe tour, you will definitely find a suitable place on the nearest river in region which you are.


Best Boat Trips in Antalya

We have to add spectacular boat trips to this list which is a favorite summer attraction. There many different boat tour routes in Antalya but the best one among them is pirate ship concept in Alanya. If you are in Alanya it will be different experience worth to try. You can recognize this ship from the Pirates of the Caribbean figures on it. You can also find the same pirate ships concept on Kemer. In these ships you can enjoy the craziest day parties with very loud music on the most spectacular blue seas. If you like a more calm and relaxing boat tour ideas you can try the tours which are available in Kaleiçi district. If your aim is to swim in the most beautiful Mediterranean seas you can prefer the boat trips at Kaş, Kalkan and Kekova region.


Best Paragliding Locations in Antalya

Our next attraction is paragliding in Antalya which can be seen a little dangerous but if you try you can be sure that you will live an unforgettable experience. But of course you should find a paragliding company which is trustworthy and have a professional trainer with a license. Main districts of Antalya which can you find paragliding opportunities are Alanya, Kaş, Kalkan and Tekirova. Thanks to the development of transportation and communication possibilities, you have the opportunity to experience the adventure of paragliding activity easily. This attraction is including 20 or 30 minutes of flight time. Also you can find other alternatives places at Olympos Cable Car area.


Best Diving Locations in Antalya

The choice in mind of underwater enthusiasts will be of course diving. You should start from Kaş region which is a worldwide famous location for diving. When you arrive to Kaş from city center of Antalya, you will be welcomed by diving at beginning of possible activities in Kaş. Even if you have no experience about diving you with a short training, adequate equipment and accompanied by experts you will have a chance to look closely to the mysterious life of undersea. Of course Kaş is not the only place which you can attend diving activities, there are such places like Alanya, Kemer, Side, Camyuva, Kemer, Beldibi, Incekum and Konyaaltı. There are many people who experience this kind of experience and continue to improve themselves by participating in courses. For that reason, if you are in Antalya and you have underwater interest, you should not waste any more time.


Best Skiing Locations in Antalya

The sea, the river, the nature walk are okay but we hear that you are saying where the skiing come out in Antalya. However, as we mentioned at the beginning, Antalya’s natural beauties are endless. When the weather is warm and the water is suitable for swimming, there is a chance to go Saklıkent and ski in the same city in the same day. Saklıkent, which is located on the Beydağları, is a miracle of nature with its ski center being the closest ski resort to the equator. If you like you can extend your enjoyment by staying in one of the 500 mountain houses built in this area. With a maximum of 1 hour trip with a shuttle service from Antalya center, a completely different climate will be waiting for you. As we mentioned in the paragliding section, the cable car in Olympos is also suitable for those who enjoy such an activity.