Top 7 Best Marmaris Beaches of Turkey for Tourists

Marmaris offers a fascinating holiday experience with its thousands of year’s history and wonderful natural beauties. It hosts millions of tourists every year. This city reflects the traces of the past days and it was only a fishing village past recent years. It has become one of the most important holiday regions of Europe nowadays with increasing tourism activities. There cant be a Turkey travel blog without telling Best Marmaris Beaches of Turkey.

There is a vast of factors that make Marmaris popular. Of course most important factors are trinity of the sea, sand and sun. Marmaris looks like a heaven with it shallow seas, beautiful bays, beaches and long coastline. Marmaris is also really suitable for boat tours. Thousands of local and foreign peoples come to this beautiful area with their boats and visit the most beautiful bays which can be only travel with boats.

Best Marmaris Beaches of Turkey

The peoples who are aware of this situation race to visit the area and make their hotel organizations months before. Peoples who came here can relax in a lovely and calm ambience and forget the stress of city conditions on the Best Marmaris Beaches.

Marmaris, which remind of a natural harbor with its geographic properties, will allow you to live wonderful experiences especially with its beaches. Marmaris is an excellent place for American and European tourist but it can be a tricky process for choosing best beach due to language barrier in local places. We hope this article will help you to organize your holiday plan in Marmaris. Here our guide of Best Marmaris Beaches to swim;

Best Marmaris Beaches of Turkey;

Icmeler Beach Marmaris Turkey

Icmeler beach is the most popular beach of Best Marmaris Beaches and because of that it is the most crowded one. There is two reason of this popularity. First it is the closest beach to Marmaris center and second hotel and resort quantity in this region.

When we talk about Best Marmaris Beaches, Icmeler is the first place which comes in to our minds. You can easily reach to Icmeler beach from city center. It is only 8 kilometers form Marmaris city center and the transportation between Marmaris center and Icmeler available for 24 hours.

Icmeler Beach Marmaris Turkey (Best Marmaris Beaches)

An excellent sea and nature will be expecting you when you reach to Icmeler. If you like walking at the sunset this long beach is perfect for you. You can find lots of cafes near the beach and these places are providing free sunbeds, parasol, Wi-Fi, toilets and changing cabins if you eat or drink something. The foods and drinks are reasonably priced and service quality is excellent. Also there lot of accommodation facilities available for every family budget.

Marmaris Beach Turkey

It is the easiest beach to go in Marmaris among Best Marmaris Beaches. It is starting from the center of city and than merge with the Uzunyalı beach. You can go to Marmaris Beach whenever you are to hot during the day time. You will be really festinate about water sport activities in Marmaris Beach. There is an established place for just water sport and you can choose across jet-ski, parasailing or banana boat and do all sorts of other activities. These activities are also well priced and you can have fun an extreme fun with a small budget.

Marmaris Beach Turkey (Best Marmaris Beaches)

The beach is really close to city center of Marmaris you can go and shop at center and come to your place at the beach also there is lots of restaurants near the beach. You can try delicious meal and drink from restaurant and use their free sunbed, toilet, Wi-Fi and changing cabins. Also there is good selection of ice cream stands, fast food and drinks along the beach path.

Marmaris public beach is not crowd as Icmeler beach, you can feel yourself more comfortable at this beach. You can sit on sand and watch the beautiful view of the mountain landscape and the boats at marina from this beautiful beach.

Turunc Beach Marmaris Turkey

Turunc Bay and Turunc Halk Beach is located in Turunc which is a coastal town 21 km away from Marmaris. This beach has label of blue flag and you can be sure about the cleanness of water and sand. You can also visit the yacht harbor in this area. Turunc Beach Marmaris Turkey (Best Marmaris Beaches)

Turunç Bay and Turunc Halk Beach are the most popular beaches of the region’s Best Marmaris Beaches after Icmeler Beach. It is possible to reach Turunç by minibus and boat tours. If you prefer the road side, you will be accompanied by a magnificent view.

If you are interested, you can try diving activities at Turunc Bay. Turunc Bay is one of the most popular diving points of our Turkey with the abundance of rocky areas and underwater caves.

Kumlubuk Beach Marmaris Turkey

Kumlubuk beach is Located 25 km south-west of Marmaris and 6 km away from Turunc Bay. Kumlubük is famous for its crystal-clear beaches and fish restaurants among Best Marmaris Beaches. We have to note that you will admire the nature and the sea in Kumlubuk. You can easily reach by sea transportation from Marmaris.

Kumblubuk is also famous with its popular trekking and hiking routes. When you go to this area first of all we recommend you to enjoy the magnificent sea, the sun and the beach afterwards you can relax while eating at a fish restaurant.

Kumlubuk Beach Marmaris Turkey (Best Marmaris Beaches)

If you go to the southeast side of Kumlubuk, you will see a cave with a different beauty. It is known that the area where this cave is located is home to a residential area 5000 years ago. You should definitely add this cave to your trip list.

Once you have completed your trip to Kumlubuk, you can visit Amos Ancient City, which is within walking distance of the region. Here you can see the ruins of Amos, the old theater building and the city walls.

Cennet (Paradise) Island Beach Marmaris Turkey

Cennet (Paradise) Island Beach, which attracts attention with its beautiful scenery that is an ideal place to swim. There are many cafes and restaurants around and this beach is usually preferred by day trippers.

Cennet (Paradise) Island Beach Marmaris Turkey (Best Marmaris Beaches)

Although it is name with an island it is actually a peninsula and surrounded by beautiful forests. Paradise Island, which is at the entrance of Marmaris Bay, is also one of the popular visiting places of daily boat tours.

Sedir Island & Cleopatra Beach Turkey

Sedir Island Beach is also known as Cleopatra Beach. It is 16 kilometers north of Marmaris. This beach is one of most beautiful places among the Best Marmaris Beaches which should be visit by a tourist. This place is famous for its golden yellow sand and sea. It is said that Cleopatra swims in this sea and even Cleopatra have brought the golden sand to the beach from North Africa. The golden yellow sand on this beach is similar to the sand in Egypt today.

Sedir Island & Cleopatra Beach Turkey (Best Marmaris Beaches)

In Sedir Island you can see the ruins of city walls of Cedrae Antique City and ancient theater. It is known that these ruins on the western end of the island belong to the Roman Empire times.

In Sedir Island, there is a very nice picnic and excursion area, you can spend nice time enjoying the sea and the beach. You can reach to this Island from Marmaris by boats. In addition, Çamlık Pier near the island has access to Sedir Island by boat.

Kizkumu Orhaniye Beach Marmaris Turkey

Orhaniye, which is one of the most beautiful place of Marmaris on our Best Marmaris Beaches list, surrounded by pine forests and beautiful beaches. The sea is always calm in here. We recommend you to enjoy the sea when you are here.

Kizkumu Orhaniye Beach Marmaris Turkey (Best Marmaris Beaches)

There is shallow walking path in the sea and you can walk in the sea and cross to the island. There is even a story about told about this situation for many years. According to story; The King of Bybassos had a beautiful daughter. This girl (princess) went to the sea in Orhaniye to escape the pirates. She did not know how to swim so she filled sand into her skirt for pouring the sand to reach the opposite island. But she lost his way in the darkness and her sand was out than she drowned. Due to this story, it is said that the region is given a name of Kizkumu which is in Turkish and can be translate as girl sand.

When you go to Orhaniye, you can enjoy the sea and have a good time on the beach. In the middle of the bay there is an island and on the hill side of this island is a castle which believed to belong to Bybassos Kingdom. You can also enjoy the scenery and visit the castle.

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