Best Areas of Bodrum Turkey for Holiday

Bodrum, which is the subject of films and songs, is one of the best that comes to mind when it comes to holiday in Turkey. It is the most favorite resort of the Aegean side of Turkey with its beaches, sea and fun-filled activities.

If this is the case, you can go to Bodrum where there is beautiful bays and where you can stay in best hotels. We have prepared a blog to help you. Here are the most popular holiday destinations in Bodrum.

Gumbet  Bodrum Turkey

Gümbet, which has a sandy beach about 1 km in length and has clean and warm waters. It is 3 km away from the center of Bodrum. Gumbet hotels are usually within walking distance to the beach. Especially, it is frequented by water sports by the people.


Yalıkavak Bodrum Turkey

For those who want a more peaceful place in Bodrum , Yalikavak will be the best place. In addition to small, boutique hotels, it is possible to find luxury Yalikavak hotels. It is 18 km away from The center of Bodrum.


Akyarlar  Bodrum Turkey

Akyarlar is a former Greek village and located at the extreme end of the Bodrum peninsula. With its lush nature and deep blue sea, you can enjoy the Aegean fully. You can stay in hotel at Akyarlar and you will have the chance to enjoy the colorful Bodrum nights. Akyarlar is 2 km away from Bodrum city center.


Turkbuku  Bodrum Turkey

Turkbuku, where you will see many bars, restaurants and clubs along the coast, is one of the most suitable resorts for those who love Bodrum’s vibrant nights. Turkbuku bay is surrounded by mountains and is suitable for yacht tourism.


Turgutreis Bodrum Turkey

Turgutreis is one of the most preferred places for holidaymakers. Bodrum’s fastest developing resort in terms of hotels is Turgutreis and it is very varied and rich. Bodrum city center is 19 km away. If you are going to holiday in Turgutreis, we recommend that you do not return without watching the sunset by the view of Greek islands.


Gundogan  Bodrum Turkey

Gündoğan, which is 20 km away from the center of Bodrum, serves many domestic and foreign tourists every year with its hotels serving at different categories. Gündoğan, a small Aegean town, offers a peaceful holiday to its guests who want to be intertwined with nature.


Torba Bodrum Turkey

Torba is one of the closest neighborhoods to the center of Bodrum. It is one of the centers of summer tourism. Previously which is only a reed area now there are now many hotels and beaches available in Torba. Torba, which allows for a holiday in all seasons of the year, has unique beauty beaches.


Güvercinlik  Bodrum Turkey

The Guvercinlik district, with its lush and unspoilt nature, is 6 km from the center of Bodrum. As long as you stay in Güvercinlik hotels, you can enjoy the sea during the day, get to the center at night, and have a chance to experience the famous Bodrum nights.


Bardakci Bodrum Turkey

Bardakçı Cove, a sandy beach, is within walking distance of Bodrum Harbor. The number of visitors to Bardakçı Cove, where many hotels are located, is increasing every year. It is a place where boats and yachts always visit.


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