American Tourists Headed to Turkey, a Record Has Been Expected

US Turkish Business Development Council President Ugur Terzi said that, they are expecting a serious increase on the number of American tourists visiting Turkey this year.

Terzioglu pointed out that the studies about advertisement and promotional activities of Turkish Ministry of Tourism has been a positive effect on the number of American tourist in Turkey. Terzioglu was also pointed that some American tour operators tend to Turkey and some international cruise companies increased the number of trips to the Turkey.

Terzioglu indicated that Turkey is always a popular destination for American travelers. Terzioglu reminded that last year the approximately 530 thousand American tourists arrived to Turkey from USA, and said that this figure will be approach 700 thousand this year.

Turkey is always an interesting country for American travelers. This potential should to evaluate further. Because of number of political and social tensions in European countries are driving American tourists away from these countries.

Terzioglu noted that American tourists are showing great interest in health tourism as well as sea, sand, sun and culture tourism. Terzioglu also noted that removal of the electronic device ban during flight between Istanbul to United States has a positive influential about the traveler number from America to Turkey.